Woolen Elite Socks

Winter Is Coming Up, Do You Have Your Winter Boots And Socks Ready?

You may need a new pair of warmer socks; those old ones just won’t do it anymore. Get yourself some warm and gorgeous woolen socks that will mold into your feet perfectly, keeping them warm and comfortable.

Why do we suggest wool socks?

Wool is a very insulating material that protects the foot from the cold. The type of wool in our socks is made from a kind of sheep that produces the finest, softest and warmest wool. The species, originally from Spain, is known for the fullness and quality of its wool. The wool socks offer a velvety texture.

When to use wool socks?

Wool socks are warmer than cotton and are ideal for cold days. For example, riding a motorcycle, walking in the snow or working outdoors.

They are designed to fit almost any type of shoe, making them ideal for all types of activities.

Thanks to the properties of the wool, they maintain a constant temperature on your feet and avoid excessive sweating, so that your feet can stay dry all day.


  • Wool (23%)
  • Cotton (55%)
  • Polyamide (10%)
  • Elastic Fibers (2%)

One Size

  • EUR SIZE: 39-44
  • UK SIZE: 6.5-10
  • US SIZE: 7-11

Weight Per Pair Of Socks

  • 100 grams


  • Washing With Cold Water
  • Hang Dry
  • Do Not Dry Clean.


  • 3 Pairs Of Socks