WC Gaps Brush

Want to have a shiny toilet?


This WC Gaps Brush scrubs and removes stains on the close stool surface easily with little scratches, is less likely to wear and tear. The WC Gaps Brush is very durable and sturdy, will last you a long time.

The anti-adhesive coating, it's made of silicon so no dirt can attach to the bristles and thus ensures a germ-free zone.

The bottom of the product has a hollow design, which can make the toilet brush dry faster and will not breed bacteria. 

Wall-mounted toilet brush holders, health, practicality and beauty make your toilet look good.

Hanging toilet brush, bid farewell to embarrassment, the toilet brush no longer collects water. Strong decontamination power, volatility independently, and clean after flushing.


  1. No water accumulation
  2. No dead ends
  3. Easy to clean
  4. No land occupation

Specifications :

  • Model Number: Silicone brush
  • Material: Plastic
  • Eco-Friendly

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