Vintage Radiance

Bring that vintage style back with the new Vintage Radiance bulbs.


Decorate your house with these fully dimmable light bulbs, featuring a coiled filament spiral design. The Vintage Radiance comes with a clear glass paired with exposed spiral filaments that gives these decorative light bulbs a classic throwback look while emitting a warm, soft glow.

The bulb features a classic filament design for an old-fashioned appearance that evokes the feel of an original old fashioned-style bulb. Its extra warm (2200K) color with a soft light amber glow is perfect for clear shade lamps or exposed-bulb lighting applications. This light bulb is dimmable, helping you enhance the mood of a room by adjusting the brightness.

Return to retro with this oversize vintage light bulb that can be the highlight of any room or accent existing decor without the need for an additional pendant or shade.

Material: Glass Cover & Aluminum Lamp holder


  • Saves over 90% on electricity bill of lighting.
  • Super long service lifespan up to 50,000 hours.
  • Thoroughly solve your trouble of frequent replacing bulbs.
  • International standard base fits to all light fixture.
  • Eco-friendly that contains no toxic, no mercury, no UV or infrared.
  • More protective your eyes.


Furniture lighting, office lighting, merchandise lighting, display lighting, interior light etc.

Ceiling fan light: Uplights projects light up onto the ceiling, creating ambiance.



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