Vin De Pays Collection

Want To Impress Your Friends Opening A Bottle Of Wine?

 Treat your guest to the best experience serving wine. 

The Vin De Pays Collection has it all, not only does it include a bottle opener, it also includes a stopper and a bottle decanter.


  • 6 seconds to open the bottle.
  • Simple sample operation, just one key to open. 
  • Long battery life can open 70 bottles.
  • Universal interface, charge anywhere.

The wine bottle opener is made of stainless-steel housing and food grade ABS plastic. It is very safe and durable. Quick operation with the low noise less than 60dB.

Vin De Pays Collection comes with a battery indicator, intuitive control of battery usage. It also comes with USB Charging cable that supports multiple ways to achieve easy and eco-friendly charging. Compatible with AC adapter, power strip, power bank, laptop and other devices supports USB Charging

Exclusive gift kit can be a perfect present for any occasion like birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, retirement, housewarming, etc. 

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