Treats Whisperer

Is feeding your pet on time important? Is the right amount of food important? is communicating, seeing and feeding your pet while you are away important?


If you said yes to any of the questions above, then, Treats Whisperer is the product you and your lovely pet have been looking for.

You'll never have to worry about feeding your furry pet the right amount and never have to miss a meal. Building good habits.

The Treats Whisperer is just too good to down play. From three different devices and three different functions, like simple feeding at specified times and amounts, to WiFi & app controlled, to a camera equipped Treats Whisperer where you can watch, talk, and feed your pet while you are away.

The options and benefits are endless, this product is by far the best product on the market for someone like yourself. 

The treats whisperer allows you to control the amount of times you feed your animal, the size of the portions, and the exact times so that they don't skip a meal whether you are there with them or not.

  • Automatic Feeder
  • Amount/portion Setting: Help your pet keep a good balanced diet and good eating habit
  • Leave your pets at home alone with more confidence
  • Time Setting, feed your pet even when you are not home
  • Cats &/or Dogs
  • Suitable for any size from small to large pets
  • Very easy to set and use
  • Automatically remind your pet its lunch time with it's unique 10 sec voice message recording
  • Your personalized message, with your voice, your pet will feel comfortable and not alone
  • Safe for anyone to use
  • Camera and WiFi records video and voice
  • APP accessible for WiFi & Camera Treat Whisperer
  • Watch/see your pet during the day and at night with the night vision camera
  • Hear & Talk to your pet through the APP
  • Take photos, anytime, any place
  • Detachable cover, easy to clean
  • Feel confident that your pet will eat, if you are tight on schedule, running late, away from home, or if you want to have a lazy day and sleep in
  • Use the APP to randomly treat your pet when you'd like to
  • Futuristic Look


  • Max output 2,000 grams
  • Min output 5 grams per portion
  • Feeder from 1 to 39 portions per meal
  • 135˚ Wide angle camera. Night & Day
  • Build in IR detector: The detector sets the right angle to prevent the treats from clogging or overflowing.
  • Build in voice recorder and speaker
  • Manual and instructions in many languages


  • Material: BPA-Free Plastic
  • Capacity Volume: 3lb/1.36kg dry food
  • 1 cup of food is about 24 portions
  • Power source: USB Continuous charge
  • Battery port
  • Do not exceed treat size of .39 inch squared or 1 cm squared
  • Make sure to include batteries in your device just in case there is a power outage
  • Calculate the amount of food depending on the weight, age, breed and activity of your pet



"The best thing for lazy cat owners. Everything as described. Purchases one with no wifi and it works perfectly. For our cat took approximately 1 minute to adjust to it. Love this futuristic looking device..."

"Very good quality, easy to use, the app very intuitive and in Spanish. Good image quality to see the cat at home and excellent audio and microphone to talk to him when you're not at home. I recommend your purchase at 100%. If you want your pet as usual at his time when you're not home. Fast shipping. Good salesman"

"The video image is good, the app is friendly and the food goes super well"


This product delivers in 7 days guaranteed 

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Some reviews on this product are from 2020 and prior, APP issues and bugs have been fixed and updated since.

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