Translucent Elegant Chessboard

Glass chess set with beautiful intricately detailed glass chessmen miniatures.

    The days of chivalry are celebrated in this complete glass chess set.

    Taking inspiration from medieval knights, the beautiful pieces have been cast from fine glass and then carefully hand-polished. This technique gives them not only an extremely high level of detail but also a dry-brushed and glossy look.

    The whole set looks much more imposing and head-turning when situated above a glass chessboard. The board itself is made from heavy polished glass which has been decorated with a screen-printed border design as well as the board’s squares. The result is a partly transparent board which gives a magical, fantasy atmosphere to the set and helps to accentuate the quality of the medieval knight chessmen.

    In terms of product quality against price, this set unquestioningly represents some of the best value for money that we’ve seen. The level of detail in the miniatures has to be seen to be believed, and when paired with the stunning glass chessboard, creates a chess set that is aesthetically as stunning as it is unique. A truly amazing chess set that’s perfect for any history buff or fan of traditional chess games. 


    Small: 20 * 20 cm/ 7.87 *7.87 in

    Large: 25 * 25 cm/ 9.8 *9.8 in

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