Tower Tree House

Attract your cat’s interest and provide them with the best experience they could ever have. 


This cat tree house creates an elegant and stylish cat sky castle for your furry friends. From 2-layer or 3 lofts, this pet house will provide a perfect hideaway while with the help of the step-like platforms, even your kitty can go up to the top hammock easily.

The best part of one of the models is the top transparent space capsule nest which is lightweight and modern, and you can see clearly when your cat napping in it.

Well Padded Perches provide different heights of view advantage as yawning on the larger perch to enjoy the sunshine, watching the birds outside window or getting to the highest perch to observe surrounding.


  • 2 roomy condos are super comfortable for your pet to roll, with lateral door and round holes are designed for cats to observe outdoor as well as allowing them to get in the top nest.
  • Functional nest is removable, which can also load cat’s lovely toys.
  • All pillars are wrapped with high-quality natural sisal, which is durable and wear-resistant and prevent cats from damaging furniture.
  • Well-proportioned staircases keep the overall balance of this cat tree so that even an overactive cat will feel safe and relax when jumping or leaping to it.
  • Fully scratching posts allow cats to sharpen and trim their nails. It comes with a pampam ball that entice them to have more activities.
  • Ultra-soft cushion is carefully put in every condo offering a warmer and cozier environment to play and sleep.
  • Combine with the removable & washable mat.

Comes with an instruction manual and all necessary hardware and tools, it is super easy to assemble it step by step.

They will enjoy hours and hours fun with the cat tree instead of clawing your expensive furniture.

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