Thermostat Iron Wave

Do you find yourself going to the hair salon every time you have an event?


If that is the case, then the Thermostat Iron Wave is just what you were looking for. Look beautiful without waiting long lines. 

Three breakthrough advantages feature modes:

  • Low temperature curing,
  • Cold wind shaping
  • Fast roll


  • The low-temperature curling effect is short-lived, so powerful cold air is required for strong shaping;
  • High-temperature styling can irreversibly damage tou hair, so hair care is more important than repair.
  • "140℃+cold wind" can realize traditional curling iron 200℃ The same sculpting effect, subverts high-temperature curls and prevents overheating damage!
  • Pull into a roll in 1s, the lazy girl can get started quickly, and create a salon-level look in 8 minutes
  • Surrounded by 360° cold wind, it effectively reduces the temperature of the shell to 45°. The machine head adopts the PC shell to insulate heat, which is beautiful and safe.

Strong cold air advantage

  • Cold wind shaping Obvious shape, no deformation for 24 hours
  • Ordinary stereotypes Weak shape, short-lived
  • The new 360° "powerful cold air" outlet is separated from the heating plate. After thermal styling, the hair is evenly wrapped and cooled quickly with the curling streamline. 
  • 56 independent cold vents release strong cold wind at 25℃, effectively close the hair scales, keep the hair strong and shiny, change the style every day, and worry-free hair.

Styling tips ;

It is very challenging to maintain the one-time shape arc for a long time. The super cold wind effect studied. A creative breakthrough in curly hair styling.


5-speed intelligent temperature control

  • Built-in 5-level temperature control mode to adapt to different hair quality adjustments, allowing hair to choose temperature freely.
  • 140℃ fine and soft hair 丨160℃ damaged hair 丨180℃ Normal hair 丨200℃ Hard hair 丨220°C thick hair

Metal matte texture

Metal spraying process, green wraps the body, The metallic touch is round and smooth, like a breeze Buddha face.

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