Tassels Hammock

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Just Relax And Read a Book In a Very Comfortable Hammock?


The Tassels Hammock can provide exactly just that, is a knitting chair made of 100% pure cotton rope and diamond knitting pattern, inspired by the traditional Maya style, that will bring a touch of culture to your house.


  1. Spacious and comfortable, this suspended swing seat has enough space to relax and stretch.
  2. The soft and thick cotton rope can hold 200 pounds.
  3. Multi-functional, this outdoor or indoor hammock swing chair is equipped with an annular top, and can be suspended almost anytime and anywhere!
  4. Just find a branch, crossbeam or hammock bracket and complete the setup in a few seconds to sit down and relax or enjoy a nap. This chair is perfect for courtyards or beaches.
  5. Including the beautiful wooden bar, this Mayan hammock chair is equipped with a beautiful lacquer bar to help hang the hammock. Solid wood with a smooth dark finish complements the plain appearance of the knitted cotton rope.
  6. Reliable and durable, with high quality structure that will ensures that this hammock will not tear or break due to routine use.



  • Size: 130*100cm/ 51.18*39.37"
  • Material: Cotton rope net
  • Load-bearing: 150 kg

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