Starburst Twinkle Light

Is Christmas Your Favorite Season Too?
Don't you just love everything about the holidays?

Imagine if you can make your home feel like its Christmas all year long. Wouldn't that be lovely? 
With the Starburst Twinkle Light you can make that reality come true. These Light have 200 LED Lights all around, making it seem like it's fireworks bursting up, without all of the pollution. 
You can decorate For: 
  • Christmas
  • New years Eve
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Graduation
  • Anniversary 
  • Holidays
  • Special occasions
8 Modes: 
1) Combination
2) In waves
3) Double light horse race
4) Single light on and fades
5) Flashing changes
6) Double lights dim and dark at the same time
7) Flash
8) All lights on.
Note: the remote control and battery box do not contain batteries.
  • Has 50 light string, each single light line has 4 LED bulbs, a total of 200 LED
  • Total length 20 cm / 7.8 in.
  • Each Starburst Twinkle Light comes with a IR remote controller
  • IP65 waterresistant