Solar Sphere

Love The Solar System And It's Planets?

The Supernova, may have triggered the collapse of our solar nebula. Causing the solar system to form and all thanks to the scientist and the astronauts we were able to visualized how to the planet orbit around the sun. Therefore, giving us this beautiful solar system inspired glass sphere.   

It's a simple design, full of modern style, that can add vitality to the home environment.
The product is beautiful, the expression is exquisite, fine craftsmanship, highly ornamental and collector's value.

Suitable for:

  • Home furnishings
  • Gifts
  • Collections
  • Souvenirs
  • Business gifts.

Made of high quality and durable materials.

The Solar Sphere can be used in many ways! They can be used for photography, healing and meditation. 


Each of our products is handcrafted with an eye for every detail. So they look very good.

Living room, bedroom, office, bathroom, office, bar, cafe and any place you can think of can be used to decorate.

Size: 8 cm, 3.14 in