Smehnser Polisher

Has your pet ever been hurt while getting it's claws clipped? Is your pet afraid of getting a pedicure? Are you tired of the trips to the groomer or maybe the costs?


Smehnser Polisher will change your pet's pedicure experience forever. Give your pet a pedicure at home, no more trips to the groomer and the expenses that come with it; bring the salon home. No more clipping those claws with the possibility of causing pain and bleeding, instead of clipping, just file and polish away, your pet will not feel those clipping pains anymore. If your pet is afraid of that much needed pedicure the Smehnser Polisher will do away with that fear and pedicure time can be something you and your pet can enjoy together. At the end of the day their health is what matters and that's what this is all about.


  • Harmless
  • Extremely Quiet: Help alleviate your pet, comfortable, no stress
  • Smooth Diamond Grinder
  • Wireless
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast Charging
  • 5-7 Hours of continuous use
  • Good for Small to Large dogs/cats
  • Some of our customers believe our polisher is the best they have ever owned
  • The powerful speed combined with the diamond grinder makes for an excellent polishing experience
  • 100% better than using a sharp clipper
  • No more trips to the groomer
  • Safe for anyone to use



    • Prevent nails from bleeding 
    • High quality product
    • Durable material
    • Interface Display: ON/OFF switch. Power on, charging & full charge indicator 
    • Portable and easy to carry
    • Quiet motor
    • Built in 800 mAh Lithium battery
    • Anti-burn system
    • Comes charged and ready to use
    • Two gear speeds: 7,000 RPM and 8,000 RPM compared to our competitors which only carry a single gear speed


    • 14cm x 3cm
    • 5.50in x 1.18in
    • Comes nicely packaged
    • USB charger
    • 1.5 hours charging time



    "The dog is not scared, more relaxed, sound is for such a device not too loud or unpleasant, and nails are trimmed good."

    "Good product. Works quietly. The dog is not stressed. There is no possibility of injuring the dog. It’s much better than trimming a dog’s nails. I recommend this product."

    "I Love this! My dog used to a lot when the nails were being cut by the vet. This device saved me! In the beginning she was scared of the device and didn't want to give her paw, but delicately and with positive reinforcement she now doesn't mind and even sleeps while I grind her nails."


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