Smart Sandbox Cleaner

Love having pets but dislike cleaning after them?


If the answer is yes, then the Smart Sandbox Cleaner might be just what you are looking for but better. It is an automatic cleaning litter box, that comes with a rotating shovel, perfect for scooping up feces.

Use: 140 ounces of large capacity waste only need to be cleaned once a week. Removing feces It takes only 160 seconds, extremely low decibel, quiet operation.

Product Features

  • Detachable top cover
  • Rotating sphere
  • Weight display
  • Sleep setting button
  • Cute shape, healthy PP material
  • Self-cleaning rotary cleaning saves time
  • Large gate hole, in line with the habit of cat play
  • Filter the litter pedal to keep the floor clean
  • One-touch disassembly for easy cleaning

Weight: 7.5Kg

Mode Settings:

  • Sleep mode
  • If someone or the cat touches the box, it will activate Emergency Stop Brake.
  • Stand by mode, waits for the cat to leave the litter box.
  • Resume mode, continues working after the cat leaves the box.

Other Special Features:

  • The sand leak pedal is 17.5 cm above the ground, effectively prevents the cat litter from being taken out.
  • The bowl can be washed, extending the life of the product: there is a button to remove the bowl, dry and then install with the base. 

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