Smart Heated Blanket

Say Goodbye To Cold Freezing Nights With The New Smart Heated Blanket. 


The Smart Heated Blanket is just as the name says it. Its a blanket that heats up automatically whenever you turn it on.

Can instantly go from 20-52 ℃, 68 F -125.6 F with the control. You can even modify the temperature, it has 9 modes to control. The time can also be set, making it easy to operate. 


  • There's a physical mode that kills mites and can also drive away the humidity.
  • Three layer protection technology, safer to use.
  • The electric blanket can be washed by hand in water or in a mild mode in a washing machine.
  • Perfectly position cords, you won't even feel they are there.
  • Ecological friendly fabric, no harmful substances have been detected on the fabric.


  • Lower your electric bill, by avoiding radiators and heaters
  • Cuddle into our heated throw blanket


  • Intelligent controller, safe and drop-proof insulation


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