Sea Waves Baby Pad


Is your baby ready to crawl & play? Sea Waves is one of the best tummy time toys.

Sea Waves is more than a toy, it will keep your baby entertained, as you go along your daily routines, it will help your baby gain strength in their back, arms and neck as they play with the Sea Wave Baby Pad.

  • Sea Waves Baby Pad helps your infant build strength.
  • Build muscles on legs, arms, back and neck.
  • The perfect tummy time activity.
  • Sea Waves facilitates learning on cause and effect. Sea Waves comes with many little fish inside, as the baby presses and moves the fish around from place to place, playing with Sea Waves makes for a learning experience
  • Keeps your baby entertained and delighted. 
  • Great for sensory stimulation, motor skills, and cognitive abilities.
  • Lots of visual colors & movement which creates fun and excitement
  • Sea Waves will becomes your baby's favorite play time.

Size: 50cm x 60cm : 19.5in x 23.5in

Customer Reviews

"The mat is cool, the child looks with interest."

"My baby loves it so much, I am happy :D."

"I am very pleased with the order, I recommend it thanks."