Sea Water Lamp

Light up your night without batteries or electricity!


Don't get caught up stranded in an island somewhere without your ocean light. 

This environment friendly lamp can be powered just simply add water and salt to deliver 120 hours of continuous reliable lighting. Reusable, convenient and energy-saving. 


  • Simply adding water and salt to generate power anytime and anywhere.
  • Deliver up to 120 hours of continuous reliable lighting.
  • Virtually unlimited refilling until the magnesium sheet is consumed over.
  • Light up without the need of batteries, electricity or fuel.
  • Durable special-shaped stand-up bag, with top round hole for easy hanging.
  • Ideal for power outages, emergencies, camping, outdoor activities, etc..


  1. Keep away from child for safety.
  2. Do not turn the bag upside down after filling.
  3. Pour out the water in the package when not in use.


  • Lifetime: about 120 hrs
  • Added Salt Amount: 8-10g
  • Concentration of Salt: 3.5%-25%
  • Item Size: 120 * 70 * 195mm / 4.72 * 2.76 * 7.68in
  • Item Weight: 45g / 1.58oz

Package List:

  • 1 * Emergency Salt Water Lamp

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