Rectangular Foyer Light

It's time for a house update!
Why not start with changing the lights. 


The Rectangular Foyer Light can be a great choice to select for any room in your house. It will create that round creative wall effect that is very good looking, can also highlight a stylish wall art. It's suitable for bedroom side table, office wall lamp, entrance, corridor, balcony, staircase, living room, corridor, cafe wall lamp.

It could be placed near the bed, at head height, to create a subdued atmosphere. 

The Rectangular Foyer Light serves as a unique and distinctive statement piece that’s perfect for placing on a single bedside wall, near the bathroom,  side of a bookshelf, or any place that needs some illumination.


  • Cool White (5500-7000K)
  • Warm White (2700-3500K)


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