Portable Guitar Trainer

Have you ever wanted to practice guitar but you couldn't, as it's bulky to carry around a guitar everywhere?


This Portable Guitar Trainer was designed for guitar beginners, you can carry it around when you are traveling and practice fingering training anytime anywhere. Just place your headphone, play some music and practice playing the notes with the Portable Guitar Trainer. Its great for finger training and learning the letter notes. 

You can buy both sets, the Chord Trainer and the Ammoon Pocket guitar, clip them together to create a portable guitar without the sound or you can buy them separately if you just want to learn the notes. If you just want to get use to the strings, you can get the Ammoon Pocket guitar.  

The Chord Trainer comes with a 180 degree rotatable display that can show the chord notes as you are playing.


  • Built-in a Metronome, beginners can learn the chords with a customized tempo. And tempo adjusting range is 30-260. The metronome only give the prompt tone of first beat.
  • Equipped with 6 steel guitar strings, which makes your practice more close to playing real guitar, and the tension of the string can be adjusted via the included mini wrench.


  • Great tool for training and improving your guitar skills.
  • Compact size, lightweight and portable.
  • Practice your guitar chords wherever you go without bothering anyone.
  • Made of high-quality ABS materials, Wood Fingerboard, durable and sturdy.
  • Strengthening your wrist , grip and fingers is important for musical instruments like guitar.
  • Comes with a small pouch for convenient storage and carry.

Note: This Is not real guitar. Just a chord practice tool. So It can't be tuned.

Plug Type: EU Plug

Batteries not included