Onesie Pet Bumper

Have your pet looking adorable, while still feeling warm and protected.

We specialize in designing and producing high quality pet clothing, that why our Onesie Bumper is the perfect waterproof jacket for your pet. 

The Onesie Bumper is made of a waterproof fabric material that fits perfectly  on your pet just like a trench coat jacket. Since it's waterproof it will keep your pet dry and comfortable during the rain. So, feel free to go for that long run in the park during raining season. 



  • The Onesie Bumper has a stainless steel leash ring that can withstand pets up to 15kg, no need to use a collar anymore, with the leash ring included it will be more than enough to hold your pet. 
  • It is very convenient, is easy to clean and keep it clean. 
  • Has high-quality Buttons that will effectively hold the zipper, preventing the zipper from opening.
  • Tightens the neck to keep the body warm and secure
  • Reflective Strip, perfect for when traveling at night, the clothes will reflect when the light is shining, making safer for both of you.
  • Can be opened from the abdomen, depending on the pets gender you can either leave it open of close the abdominal part. 

How to select size: 

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