Mosquito Silent Zapper


We have all been bitten by an insect, it is something very common.

Are you frustrated of the anxiety produced by the itch?

If so, why not get a Mosquito Silent Zapper and be done with the problem.  

This Mosquito Silent Zapper uses a photocatalyst material in which it absorbs light to bring it to a higher energy level and provides such energy to a reacting substance to make a chemical reaction occu, causing it that zapping effect of eliminating the mosquito. 

Made of a strong and durable ABS that has a smooth surface that is comfortable to touch. It is a long-lasting gadget, is portable and compact so you can transport it wherever you go: home, travel, work, camping, places where a mosquito can probably bite you.

It uses USB power source and has low power consumption, so it can be easily used for a long time.


Applicable Area: 20㎡
Material: ABS
Is Dimmable: No

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