Modish Air Fryer


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Say goodbye to oil and deep fryers!
Start eating healthy now.

This is our electric deep air fryer, which provides an easy and healthy way of preparing your favorite ingredients. By using hot quick air circulation and a grill, it is able to make numerous dishes. The best part is that the electric deep air fryer heats food in all directions and most of the ingredients. No need of any oil. Don’t hesitate to buy it!


  1. High temperature resistant PP material, food-grade non-stick pan.
  2. Contains a fried basket, piece mounding, anti-scalding handle, ergonomic, easy to take.
  3. Intelligent, with a touch screen that will allow you to adjust the temperature desire. 
  4. With a 360 degree hot air, high speed cyclic heating; Safety, overheat protection.
  5. High temperature degreasing and oil-free baking.
  6. Large capacity, multi-function: French fries, chicken wings, steak, egg tarts.
  7. Stainless steel heating pipe of large energy gathering system and tornado surround design. When heated, a three-dimensional wind curtain is formed with high, faster and more uniform heating, and delicious touch is within.

How does it work?

Plug type: EU Type
Inside pot capacity: 3.6L
Outer pot capacity: 5.2L


    If the electric deep air fryer is cold start, the cooking time should be increased by 3 minutes. During the cooking process, the frying pan can be removed and the ingredients can be turned over. (Do not put your hand directly into the body of the frying pan)

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