Marmoreal Spice

Make the kitchen tidier!


The Marmoreal Spice package consists of a combination of a numerous bottles and jars that can be used as a vinegar bottle, an olive oil dispenser, a pepper bottle, a spice jar and a saltshaker. Essential things that are used for seasoning in the kitchen, things that make the food have a better taste.

The main body of the spice container is made of high-quality ceramic with a smooth glaze and is easy to clean. A cap made from bamboo wood to improve the sealing of the spice jar and make it more environmentally friendly. It is tightly sealed for dust, moisture and water resistance.

Perfume glasses are used to deliver various flavors such as liquids (oil and vinegar), granules (salts), and powders (pepper). At the same time, the top cover is used to accommodate the spice spoon for quick access to the spice during the cooking process.

Several bottles can be stored on the bamboo floor for easy storage of the pan and the kitchen table can be cleaned. Protect multiple spice dispensers at the same time to avoid collisions and service life delays.