Magic Nook Sweeper

Cleaning has never been this easy!


This Magic Nook Sweeper can be used to clean the conners and gap hard-to-clean in your daily life, like the gap between the sofa and floor, and the bottom of other furniture. Struggle no more, clean as you go. 

The microfiber duster is expandability, flexibility and flat, it can be stretched longer as you need, it's incredibly lightweight.

The sweeper has a stainless steel retractable handle that is strong, durable, removable and has a washable microfiber dusters that can be used year after year!

This sweeper makes cleaning so much easier and fun!


  • Material: Microfibre Fabric
  • Handle Type: Flat
  • Weight: <2kg
  • Pole Material: Plastic
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly

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