Lover's Projection Ring

Can't say it enough, try saying it in 100 different languages. 


Have you ever felt so deeply in love with a person, by the way they act or the way they are around you? Have you ever tried saying the 3 famous words but you didn't know how to say it? Why don't you try saying it with a ring?

The center stone of the Lover's Projection Ring is more than just a majestic look. A closer look into it reveals the "I Love You" phrase in 100 languages. If you can't say it enough, say it in 100 ways!

Streamlined and modern, this ring that says I love you in 100 languages truly shines with bold simplicity. A graceful dance between sleek curves and dazzling gems.


  • Made from polished white gold and sterling silver (925)
  • Environmentally friendly material silver, lead-free & nickel-free
  • "I Love You" in 100 Languages engraved through nano micro carving.

The Lover's Projection Ring has a very innovative addition to the size adjustable, you can modify the size of the ring manually. It is combined with two parts, a projection stone and the crown. These two parts can be worn together or respectively on its own.

Use your smart phone camera or flashlight to reveal the "I Love You" in over 100 languages!

It's the perfect anniversary gift, treat your wife for your wedding anniversary. Delight your mom on Mother's Day, your girlfriend for Valentines Day, your daughter for Christmas or best friend on her birthday!.

Seal it with a Lover's Projection Ring!.

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