Kelis Lounger Sleep

Cats love to sleep, so they needed a trusty, comfortable and exclusive nest.


With Kelis Lounger Sleep the cat will always come for a nap.

The appearance of a simple, cute and charming classic home color, matches any variety of home style. The body of the cat is ergonomically shaped, which is why the Kelis Lounger Sleep design is semi-circular, giving the cat a wrap.

With a simple disassembly, this cat bed can be converted into two separate beds: semi-closed and open.

It can be used in four modes, meeting the different needs of our kitten.


The hollow plastic cushion can be filled with cold or hot water to achieve the cooling effect in summer and keep warm in winter.


It also comes with a comfortable foam cushion that adapts to the curves of a cat's body, like curled up in the arms of a cloud.

Environmentally friendly materials are RoHS certified for safe use.



Weight: 3k / 6.61 lb

Land-yard adjustable length range: 90 cm - 175 cm / 35.43 in x 68.89 in 

Plush mat: 41 cm * 41 cm / 16.14 x 16.14 

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