Lint Obliteration

Say Goodbye to all those Peach Fuzz On Your Clothes, Also Known As Lint.
With the Lint Obliteration you can trim the lint without harming your clothes. It is compact and simple, with a very lasting endurance.

The Lint Obliteration comes with a 3-blade whirlwind cutter head, and eight-blades with a negative pressure centrifugal fan blade.

  • One-button switch
  • Safety protection device
  • TYPE-C charging
  • SPA treatments for clothes

Autumn and winter clothing generate static electricity due to friction, which causes hair balls to form.
Coats and sweaters in the closet can not avoid the generation of hair balls, so let the Lint Obliteration solve the annoying problem.
  • 60 mm large net honeycomb hole knife net, easy to trim all kinds of fluff.
  • 3 different sizes of mesh holes, the imitated honeycomb design is reasonably distributed from the inside out.
  • 0.2mm micro-arc knife net, quickly trim fluff, fit clothes, trim fluff. Smooth knife net to protect clothes from damage
  • The high-density battery takes only two hours to fully charge and lasts 40 minutes of continuous use.
  • ABS body material, tough and impact resistant. Rounded appearance and rounded corners make it comfortable to hold.
  • 55ml fluff storage bin, can be disassembled, easy to clean.
  • Small and portable body weighing only 125g.
Simple appearance, with brown belt, the belt can prevent slipping and make the product easy to carry.

Brush accessories for easy removal of fluff.

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