Lint Efface

Renew your fabric in just 3 minutes.


The Lint Efface will get rid of any size lint, pills, fluff, balls and pebbles by pulling and trimming them. Bringing a new look to your clothes without damaging them.

The high speed and the ingenious mesh design of the sharp blade can quickly remove the hair ball, so that the color is impenetrable and without causing any damage.


  1. Back cover will bounce off with one-button rotation, dump the accumulated lint, convenient and safer.
  2. Fine grinding stainless steel mesh cover, which fits tightly to the surface of clothing, removing only surface lint ball and not damaging fibrous tissue.
  3. Sharp Angle blade, remove lint ball quickly clean.
  4. Laser switch button, set low electric flashing alert/charging breathing/full long light/working indicator light in one.
  5. Automatic safety protection.
  6. Fifth gear height size limit adjustment.
  7. Rounded mesh flare design for more efficient shaving.
  8. Innovative One-key Dumping Mode, You Can Empty The Storage Box With Just A Light Push.



New Added Feature:

  • New Air Duct Design: Increase the negative pressure area, enhance the suction, and suck up the dander.
  • New Grille Design: Using hexagonal slide honeycomb mesh, catching hair balls more efficiently.
  • New Storage Box Design: One-click dump of the rear storage box to pour out dander.
  • New Appearance Design:T-shaped structure, durable and not tired.


How To Use:

  1. Touch the switch button and press it to start or shut down.
  2. When the lint pile up too much, pull down the button, the back cover automatically pop open, emptying the lint and cleaning the inner space. Manually rotate and close the back cover.
  3. The limiter assembly, after the tool head assembly and the mesh cover are assembled in the main body in turn, can align the limiter
  4. Assembly with the corresponding clasp point of the housing and directly fasten it to the mesh cover. Then, according to the need, manually rotate the upper cover to adjust the height (right-turn: lower, left-turn: increase).
  5. The tool head assembly (can be loaded into the main body or taken out from the main body according to the direction of the arrow to clean. When taking out the tool head, special attention should be paid to the edge of the blade to avoid accidental injury).
  6. Mesh assembly, (when matched with the main body, turn right to tighten, turn left to open).


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