Lifesaving Bracelet


Forget about uncomfortable life jackets and enjoy your aquatic experience with the Lifesaving Bracelet.

Whether you are in the sea or in the pool, swimming or doing some water sport, you can use Lifesaving Bracelet to ensure safety, that It adjusts for any wrist or arm size, child or adult.

This inflatable airbag produces 100 kilograms of buoyancy, when you need to float in the water, simply pull the lever to release the airbag which will fill in 1-2 seconds and create a strong buoyancy that will propel you to the surface.

The Lifesaving Bracelet made of high quality soft TPU silicone and is comfortable to wear. The buckle is made of silver metal.

Inflated and deflated, it has small volume, light in weight, so it is easy to carry. Reusable.

It comes with a built-in and safe compass, and 2pcs gas cylinder.