Lifebuoy Convey

When your body gets tired of swimming, float with the Lifebuoy Convey.


The Lifebuoy Convey was designed to give swimmers the best view during an open water swim. They can be used by triathletes, swimmers or anyone who knows or doesn't how to swim.

Usage of neon colors is for the simple purpose to keep you safe by making you clearly visible to lifeguards, speedboats or boats, while swimming in open water.

With a volume of 28 liters, this buoy has a watertight compartment or dry bag that allows the swimmer to carry any personal object, such as phone, clothing, towels, gels, flip flops, etc. It is important not to introduce sharp or pointed objects to avoid piercing the buoy material.

How to use it:

The dry bag or dry bag must be closed first by joining both faces of the internal sides of the buoy and then rolling 3 times. Finally, it is closed by joining the buckle. This buckle is both an emergency and survival whistle.

In addition, it has two different air chambers for inflation with independent valves. It is recommended to introduce objects, close the dry bag and then inflate the buoy.

The buoy is adjustable to your waist through a strap, so that it does not limit your performance or style while swimming. At the same time, for moments of rest, you can hold on to either of the two straps that this buoy has on each of its sides.

Dimensions: Length 55 cm (ready for use). Approximate diameter 23cm.


  • Size: 36*72CM for Orange one
  • Thichness: 0.36mm+0.35mm
  • Weight: 28L is 0.6KGS
  • ​               20L is 0.53KGS


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