Knitted Thigh Stockings

New Fashion Statement, Look Chic While Still Feeling Warm On The Inside


With this Knitted Thigh Stockings, you can feel and look sophisticated. Have everyone wondering where you got those high-quality stockings. They are the perfect piece of clothing to keep you warm during cold days. Equally ideal to wear them inside to slouch on your couch while watching a movie and having a glass of wine.

Christmas is coming up and we all know trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for secret Santa is something hard, why not give them some Knitted Thigh Stockings, you can never go wrong with socks, we all use them every day.

Apply To Season:

  • Spring
  • Autumn
  • Winter

Material: Cotton Blend

Great item to wear with pajamas, shorts, skirts, skinny jeans etc.

Size: Length 29.52 In / 75 Cm 

Package includes one pair.