Kitty Humidifier

Have you been looking for a diffuser, humidifier & night lamp?


The Kitty Humidifier is a one of a kind diffuser and lamp. Its small, it’s cute, perfectly crafted, just the right amount of light to let you sleep at night, but also keep darkness & dry air away.


  1. Aromatherapy
  2. High quality material
  3. Thick Fog
  4. Options for continuous mist or intermittent spray
  5. Colorful soothing night lamp
  6. Choose between rainbow light show or your favorite color
  7. Large capacity: 220ml
  8. Up to 5 hours of humidifying time
  9. Quiet mist delivery
  10. Humidifier looks a lot better than on the pictures


  • Humidifier
  • 5 Cotton Swabs
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual

You have the option to purchase the humidifier with 10 cotton swabs. The regular purchase includes 5 cotton swabs


  • Power supply: USB charging
  • Water tank: 220ml
  • Size: 110*110*113mm / 4.3*4.3*4.4 Inch
  • Mist output: 30-35ml/h

    How to use:

    • MIST: Press button for 3 seconds for continuous mist, short press switch again starts intermittent mist, press again once again turns off mist.
    • LIGHT: Long press switch 2s turn on Color led nightlight; long press once again turns off light

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