Kittens Spherical Capsule

Your Pets Deserve Their Own Territory Too.

With the new Kittens Spherical Capsule your pet will not only have its own space but they will also have a marvelous sleep all night long. Is very helpful on calming down your pet’s anxiety, it gives your pet that safe environment it deserves. 

This comfy Kittens Spherical Capsule pursues a simple and high-quality pet life, not only can your pet rest in its bed, but it can help it exercise by going up and about from the capsule. 

What makes the Kittens Spherical Capsule so unique?

Its transparent design, that allows your pet to view the sunshine and scenery from the inside or the outside world, while still feeling secure. 


  • With one side opening for easy access
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Strong load.
  • Provides a cushion for your pet

Material: Acrylic + cloth velvet cushion

Size: L 42 * W 42 * H 45 Cm / 16.53 * 16.53* 17.71 Inches