Kelis Ionic Shower Head


The next level of modern showers is here.

Live a comfortable Spa experience in your own bathroom with Kelis Ionic Shower Head.

The natural bioactive stones provide ecological water filtration, maintaining the pH balance of the water, which will help your skin and hair to be softer and cleaner, increasing the viability of cells, this makes it suitable for men, women, children and pets.

The filtration system purifies the water and releases negative ions, removing up to 99% of harmful chlorine and its vapors, reducing residual impurities in the water.

With 3 switch modes, you can choose Rainfall / Massage / Jetting spray to enjoy SPA experience at home, saving 30% water and increasing pressure 200%.

It uses an environmentally friendly material, with an innovative transparent design and high-density filter that is removable for easy cleaning.