Kelis Slime Clay


Let your children's imaginations run wild and free. Help them develop their creativity with one of the best educational toys.

What a wonder it would be that your kids could make a sculpture of their favorite dolls, with Kelis Slime Clay your child will become an artist, make their own 3D designs, while having fun in the process.


It has a very soft, smooth texture, easy to mold, very elastic, it dries with the air and when the clay dries and hardens it remains light, the magic clay takes 24 hours to fully harden.

Kelis Slime Clay is made from a selection of ecological raw materials, without harmful substances, with a strict quality control, which gives it good ductility and durability. This clay is odorless and non-sticky on the hands.

When it dries, it can be reusable by adding a little water. It's 1/4 the weight of ordinary clay. Non-toxic, absolutely safe for children and adults.


29.2 cm x 21.6 cm / 11.5 in x 8.5 in

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