Kelis PGG Massager


Having neck pain in the morning? Does the stress of work create tension in your neck?

Enjoy a satisfying, relaxing deep massage whether on a business trip, commute, home or driving, you can apply a massage anywhere at anytime.

Use Kelis PGG Massager for 15 minutes gives you a great improvement on your neck for the rest of the day.

Relieve neck and shoulder pain through TENS technology. sending electrical impulses to the cervical region, effectively reaches the source of pain and releasing the tension.
Exquisite headphone design,with 5 modes of 15 intensities. Lightweight design and compact form factor, with its unique foldable design it is now possible to place the Kelis PGG Massager into your pocket.

Elegantly designed with premium materials, the flexible elastic arm is made of soft breathable silicone. Wraps closer to the skin, wears comfortably, and fits different neck thickness. High-grade 304 stainless steel metal contacts has a high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity for the best massage experience. With proper care, it can last for a long time. Simply start the massage with the push of a button.

Long Battery Life: Allows for 10 days usage on a single charge. (15 minutes for each day, or more).

Package Includes:
1 Pocket Neck Massager
1 Portable Bag
2 Sticky Gel Pads
1 USB Charging