Kelis Diffuser & Humidifier

A design with an elegant appearence, it would be like love at first sight.

Newly upgraded ceramic atomizing film has 1.7 million high frequency vibrations, atomizes water into 1 to 5 micron particles and erupts instantly. Does not trap water droplets and does not fog up the windshield.

The spray amount is up to 45ml / h, which can fully improve the humidity of the air inside the car in a short time, hydrate the air, and better protect the leather interior.

Abandon traditional plastic materials and use more textured aluminum alloy materials. It also effectively isolates the odor and reduces the growth of bacteria in the car.

Visible water level, and when the water volume is too low, the probe automatically detects it and stops humidification. It automatically powers off after 6 hourse of continuous humidification.

Capacity: 300ml

Weight: 340g

Size: 15.25cm*7cm