Kelis Buzz Cleaner


Welcome to the modernity of disinfectant devices.

This mini cleaner with advanced ultrasonic technology has hydroelectric motors that clean dirt, debris and chemicals at a microscopic level by sterilizing the product.

This device has 81.76% sterilization effect that removes stubborn stains from clothing and effectively disinfects fruits / vegetables from chemicals and pesticides, with 60000 vibrations per second. It's environmentally friendly.

You can clean razors, watches, jewelry, glasses, makeup tools, and other items. It could also be used to clean children's clothes, bottles or dishes at home. Its size makes it very suitable to carry when traveling.

How to use:
The vibrating part must be immersed in water before connecting the power. Don't turn on without immersing it in water. Don't immerse the control part in water. Don't disassemble the ultrasonic cleaner without authorization. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the ultrasonic machine. When the water temperature reaches 55 ° C, the product will stop working immediately.


US Plug.