Incendio Cafe

Delight your senses with this exclusive personal coffee maker.


Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, precisely brewed for better and fresher taste; premium coffee brewing tool for a superior coffee experience that makes every cup special

Say goodbye to burned fingers. The insulated double wall glass mug retains ideal temperatures longer, while the outer wall stays cool and comfortable. Extra covered handle in the middle ensures a safe, comfortable grip.

The Incendio Cafe’s clear glass design showcases the drama of blooming coffee, while the glass infuser brews perfect loose coffee grains each time. Take out the brewer and enjoy an extra-large coffee, cappuccino, or any other beverage.

Unlike ceramic, Incendio Cafe’s borosilicate glass never absorbs flavors, odors, or stains, so you only taste your beverage.

Item specifics

  • Coffee Pot Type: Coffee Percolators
  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 400ml

  • This clever coffee dripper allows you to customize every cup of coffee: control the taste, strength, temperature, water ratio; pinpoint control for true coffee lovers
  • Brilliant design is attractive and functional; glass coffee maker includes polished wood collar for safe pouring and leather tie; gorgeous looks for sophisticated kitchens
  • Our best quality stainless steel filter with holes in the metal and mesh micro filter, will not let even fine ground coffee through so you can enjoy the perfectly brewed cup of coffee.
  • Our reusable steel cone filter ensures the flavor ends up on your taste bud. Save time, hassle and the planet. 
  • Heat-resistant, BPA and lead-free, lightweight and durable. Safe for dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator.

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