Hypnotic Magnetism Clay

Don't Know What To Get Your Kids For Christmas This Year?
Get Them The New Revolutionary Hypnotic Magnetism Clay,

Why should you get your children clay?

The clay relieves stress, helps them with concentration, better sense of accomplishments, not only that but they also adapt a couple of great traits like hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, problem-solving and visual thinking

With Hypnotic Magnetism Clay, children can learn how to think independently,
find their voice, access their imaginations, and become innovative thinkers!


  • Infused with millions of tiny iron metal particles, shape the putty and charge it with a magnet, and watch it start to moving-very slowly engulf the entire magnet.
  • This slime with a magnet is made of safe, non-toxic material, elastic and soft. can be stretched, teared and bounced like rubber, shaped and sculpted like clay. It will not be sticky to your hands.
  • This magnetic rubber mud is an educational toy for the growing kids 3+ who can learn what is the magnetic field. It can be mold into any shape as you want, ideal for developing children's intelligence.
  • The Hypnotic Magnetism Clay can be stretch, tear, shape, shatter and play.


  • Perfect stress reliever 
  • Hours of fun.
  • Perfect for rehabilitation, physical or occupational therapy, and relieving stress.

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