Hillock Hammock

Anytime, Anywhere, Just Hang And Sleep. 


The Hillock Hammock is a compact and lightweight portable parachute hammock that comes in a stylish bag with all its installation tools.

Ideal for solo travelers, that enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, and outdoor activities.

This is one of those hammocks that you can easily hang and sleep outside. It comes with a mosquito net that protects you from all those creepy crawlers, which means a safer and more comfortable ride.
Using high-quality fabrics that has excellent tear and dirt resistance. Easy to clean and dry. Made of sturdy steel, it is durable and has smooth edges that will not scratch the hammock belt.

From the backyard to the interior, having a comfortable place to sleep, swing, and enjoy the breeze is vital. Our hammocks are designed for two people, but provide more space for single adventurers.

The hammock is equipped with a powerful adjustable tree strap and it takes less than 15 minutes to hang a camping hammock from a tree or nearby objects with a strap and carabiner.

And it's big enough, not like other small sizes of the hanging chairs, that you can only sit down, in this one you can lie down and sleep comfortably. 

    Product Size: 260*130cm / 102*51 inches
    Packaging Size: 20cm*24cm
    Weight: 700 g
    Pacakge: 1*Camping Hommock + Mosquito net

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