Heng Balance Lamp

Imagine A Lamp, That's Powered On By A Gravitational Pull.


This is what the award-winning Heng Balance Lamp is all about. The two round cores at its center turn on the light when levitating in mid-air. When you bring the 2 round cores together, they will remain suspended and the lighting element embedded in the frame will light up.

It’s cute, perfectly crafted, just the right amount of light to let you sleep at night, but also keep darkness away. Offers you an impressive 360 degree beam angle.

Where can you use it:

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Office
  • Kids room

Whether you place this lamp in your home or office table, this lighting adds a sophisticated and polished look to any space. Keep it on your study desk, on the bedroom nightstand, dining room side table or on top of your dresser. It matches well with any style of room decor!


  • Light bulb
  • USB power supply


    • Aluminum lamp body
    • Neutral Eucalyptus

    The mid-century modern look adds a touch of zen wherever you need a gentle and soothing lamp.

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