Heated Undergarments

Don't Forget Your Underwear!


When its cold outside all we want to do is cover up and layer more clothes on top. Why not just wear some self-headed undergarments under your outfit and call it a day. 

How to use:

  • Fully charge the power bank, before use.
  • Plug-in type-connects the power bank to a plug located in the pocket.
  • On-Press and hold the on / off button for three seconds. The initial temperature is about 50 degrees (red LED), the intermediate temperature about 40 degrees (blue LED), and the lowest about 30 degrees (green LED).


  • Intelligent temperature control, heated with knees, back and waist.
  • Powered by any 5V / 2A USB portable charger, the USB plug is compatible with most portable chargers on the market.
  • Which can start heating in 30 seconds, long duration and long heating time.
  • 3-level adjustable temperature with indicator light to adjust the required temperature, 
  • Safety insulation design, built-in thermal protection module, 5V safety voltage, once overheated, it will stop running until the heat returns to the standard temperature, low 30 C, medium 40 C, high 50 C degrees.
  • Support manual/machine washing.The safety protection function ensures that the machine is not damaged during washing.
  • Heating underwear helps to improve blood circulation, enhance metabolism, which is very suitable for people who are afraid of cold, Raynaud's disease, arthritis, poor blood circulation, and stiff joints.
  • The best solution for various outdoor activities, such as skiing, fishing, jogging, Hunting, biking, hiking motorcycles, protecting climbing dogs, Running, snow removal, etc. 

Cleaning and maintenance :

  • Machine washable. When washing, remove the power bank.
  • In the case of machine washing, please wash your clothes in a laundry bag.
  • To ensure the longevity of clothes, try to avoid strong washing and normal drying.

Men Size Recommend :

Height: 150-160cm / 59-62 in, Weight: 50-60kg, Recommend Size: M
Height: 160-165cm / 62-65 in, Weight: 60-65kg, Recommend Size: L
Height: 165-170cm / 65-66 in, Weight: 65-70kg, Recommend Size: XL
Height: 170-175cm / 66-68 in, Weight: 70-75kg, Recommend Size: 2XL
Height: 175-180cm /  68-70 in, Weight: 75-80kg, Recommend Size: 3XL
Height: 180-185cm / 70-72 in, Weight: 80-90kg, Recommend Size: 4XL
Height: 180-190cm / 72-74 in, Weight: 90-100kg, Recommend Size: 5XL


Women Size Recommend :

Height: 150-160cm / 59-62 in, Weight: 40-48kg, Recommend Size: S
Height: 155-165cm / 61-65 in, Weight: 48-55kg, Recommend Size: M
Height: 160-170cm / 62-66 in, Weight: 55-62kg, Recommend Size: L
Height: 165-175cm / 66-68 in, Weight: 62-68kg, Recommend Size: XL
Height: 170-180cm / 66-70 in, Weight: 68-75kg, Recommend Size: 2XL
Height: 175-185cm / 68-72 in, Weight: 75-82kg, Recommend Size: 3XL
Height: 175-185cm / 72-72 in, Weight: 82-89kg, Recommend Size: 4XL

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