Heated Trousers

What could be more adorable than a pair of pants that warm your legs?


The new Heated Trousers is no ordinary pants. These pants were designed to auto heat themselves. With just a push of a button you will have a heated trousers in no time. 

Made with ecological friendly fabric, to ensure the ecological safety of the product and its user, no harmful substances have been detected on the fabric.

Can instantly go from 20-45 , 77 F -113 F with every push. It has a three - way temperature switch, according to personal needs to adjust to a comfortable temperature, there is no need to worry about radiation


  • Three-layer protection technology, safer to use.
  • The Heated Trousers can be washed by hand in water or in a mild mode in a washing machine.
  • Cannot be washed by machine or dry-cleaning.
  • Lightweight fabrics keep you warm, but not burdensome


  • Lower your electric bill, by avoiding radiators and heaters
  • Cuddle with the Heated Trousers, you won't even need a blanket
  • Use the power supply of charging treasure, while charging the mobile phone also can't forget to send warmth to your legs
  • Proprietary energy saving design, low power consumption, 1 minute quick heat, when you want to heat when you heat

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