Heated Impetuous Jacket


During wintertime, we need to wear a lot of clothes to avoid getting cold, which will make our actions very slow. Wearing this stylish and comfortable heated jacket, we can enjoy the fun of outdoor activities without having to wear too many clothes, activities such as:

  • Skiing
  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Street Work
  • Winter Trip

Heated Impetuous Jacket comes with an adjustable electric heated function that comes with 2 heating panels, one on the back and one on the neck. It also comes with a 3-stage temperature control, with a push of a button you can control what area you want to heat up and you can choose the suitable temperature, low 25-35 C, medium 35-45 C, and high temperature 45-55 C degrees.

How to use:

Power Bank Not Included. 


  • This heating jacket has 2 therapy heating Panels, it uses bamboo charcoal
  • The heat helps to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle, shoulder, back, stomach, and waist discomfort. 

Select the desired size according to the size charts. Multiple sizes let this unisex stylish heated clothing can suit for men, women, youth and elder.


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