Heated Gauntlet

Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to use your phone during winter season too?
What about being able to still feel your hands in freezing cold weather?


These Heated Gauntlet will help keep your hands warm during winter time. They have a self heating function feature that will auto-heat itself when its turned on. Not only does it auto heat but it comes with coral fleece in the inside of the gloves. 


  1. Good material: surface is made of water-repellent PU material, ordinary life waterproof. When the rain and snow get your gloves wet, just dry it on the outside, the soft and comfortable coral fleece lining will still be dry from the inside.
  2. User-friendly design: widened three-dimensional adjustment sticker, the palm is non-slip and wear-resistant, can quickly adjust and enhance the hand grip strength; the tightening effect is good, preventing cold air from being poured, prevent hot air from escaping; integrated power cable interface design, easy to use .
  3. Five-finger hand back heating: thoughtful heating layout, five fingers on the back of the hand are hot, fast heating, threaded wiring design, soft and delicate, anti-pull.
  4. Infinite temperature adjustment: touch type temperature switch, a 1000mah power bank can be heated for about 4 hours (Note: only support USB2.0 and above interface, USB1.0 interface temperature will be low, power bank basically supports USB2.0).
  5. Intelligent touch screen design: The composite material of the thumb part of the index finger transmits the human body induction through the glove to the screen of the mobile phone, so that wearing gloves in cold winter can also operate the phone simply.

Packing List:

1 pair of Heated Gauntlet

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