Garden Keeper


Do you considered yourself a plant person? 

If so, then this product is the ideal product for you. With the Garden Keeper, you won't have to worry about over watering your plants or the complete opposite of forgetting to water them. 

Plants are like humans, they need water and sun to survive, but sometimes to much of each could harm your plants. With the Garden Keeper, the moment you place the product in the soil of your plant and then check the app. You'll get to see the level of moisture the soil has, if the soil is rich in nutrients and if the plant isn't getting enough light. 

With the Garden Keeper you will never forget to water your plants ever again, you can simply place a reminder on the app, to let you know when your plant is low on water.

Feel free to switch to multiple languages, the app is compatible with most devices.

Check easily the condition of your plants and recognize different kinds of plants via smart phone.

Product Description:

  1. Open Bluetooth and connect smart home APP to manage your plants
  2. Download the "flower care" app from the app store and connect the device.
  3. Plug & Play