Fish Mouth Slippers

The most comfortable slippers in the world!


Don't opt for less, get your Fish Mouth Slippers today and listen to your feet sing a lullaby of happiness. 

With these Fish Mouth Slippers you can instantly feel a completely different softness. They help reduce the pressure of walking without adding weight. The whole shoe is light and weighs less than the weight of a mobile phone.


    • Thickened sole, environmental protection and no odor, easy to deal with wet and slippery, one-piece forming.
    • The new squeezy platform slippers material feels a completely different softness and reduces the pressure of walking, soft and not rubbing feet, rounded corners to protect your feet.
    • Ergonomic design & thick sole: the toe to the tail is slightly upturned by 15°, the fitting angle balances the pressure, and the thickened sole is soft and comfortable. It doesn't pinch your feet, you can wear it comfortably and you won't feel tired after wearing it all day.
    • Quiet and breathable, no abnormal noise when walking, no "queek" sound in the walking. Leakage and quick drying, no fear of water accumulation, good resistance to dirt, good cleaning, long service life, good air permeability.
    • Non-slip sole, the shoes are soft, have good resilience and have good resistance concave-convex texture on the sole.

    Platform height: 3-5 cm

    Size Chart:

    Size 6/6.5 (36/37)= Fit for US6/6.5= EU36-37 (foot length 23-23.5cm)

    ​Size 7.5/8.5 (38/39)= Fit for US7.5/8.5= EU38-39 (foot length 24-24.5cm)

    ​Size 9/9.5 (40/41)= Fit for US9/9.5= EU40/41 (foot length 25-25.5cm)

    ​Size 10/10.5 (42/43)= Fit for US10/10.5= EU42/43 (foot length 26-26.5cm)

    ​Size 11/11.5 (44/45)= Fit for US11/11.5= EU44/45 (foot length 27-27.5cm)