Drizzle Chapeau

Are you ready to make your baby's shower time better?

   The Drizzle Chapeau is the perfect product to make your baby's shower time better, we all know that shampoo and water easily get in our baby's eyes, ears and mouth. The Drizzle Chapeau will prevent from any of that happening, ever again, you can now shower your baby with confidence and comfort, your baby will enjoy bath time much more and you will too.

  • Flexible Rubber-like material
  • Extremely Soft
  • High Quality Material
  • Comfortable
  • Size adjustable
  • Two Options: With ear covers and without
  • Long lasting

You will not find the Drizzle Chapeau in stores. Its a unique product ready to improve your quality of life. Your baby can now focus on playing and enjoying the bath without worrying about getting shampoo and water on their face. A bath is much more enjoyable when you can see.

Available in three colors. The Drizzle Chapeau is made from EVA material. Eva is an elastomeric, "rubber-like" material in softness flexibility. 

If the product bends, use warm water to bring back to normal.

Package Includes

  • 1 Drizzle Chapeau


Customer Reviews 

"My child became more comfortable with washing the head when using the product"

"Fantastic and simple to keep the water from babies eyes."

"It works perfectly"

"Baby does not tolerate water falling on the face with this product it's not a problem anymore"

"Sits evenly and tightly on babies head"