Drifting Globe Lamp

Looking For The Perfect Lamp That Will Not Only Provides Illumination, But It Also Provides Elegance And A Taste Of Decor.


The Drifting Globe Lamp is a bedside lamp that provides additional lighting for the bedroom.  It could be placed near the bed, at head height, to create a subdued atmosphere. Sometimes it could also be used as a table lamp to suit other rooms.

It takes various forms to satisfy all tastes. Bedside lamps are increasingly using LED bulbs for economic and ecological reasons. Thus, the user can enjoy the lamp for longer.

The Drifting Globe Lamp serves as a unique and distinctive statement piece that’s perfect for placing on a single bedside table, a desktop, a bookshelf, or an accent table that needs some illumination.

It's rounded shape can then become the centerpiece of the decoration.

These soft shapes invite to the touch, and sit very well in a simple room.

In conclusion, this modern lamp decoration is a harmony between colors, materials and shapes. We favor anything reminiscent of nature, and we do not hesitate to come and put a little very geometric touch to re-frame everything. The feeling is very important in this choice, the important thing is the calm atmosphere: you must feel at home.



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