Double-Sided Skillet

Do you limit yourself when cooking?
Are you in need of a new skillet?


If the answer is yes to both question, then what you are looking for is the new and improve Double-Sided Skillet. Why stop there when you can also get the Four-hole Frying Pan, and cook four dishes at once. 

Double-Sided Skillet Features:

  1. Ergonomic handles, strength and durability. Handles stay cool on the stove.
  2. Strong magnet on handle gives comforts.
  3. Using the principle of air pressure cooker, it is designed to make the food fully sealed. The nutrition of the food is not lost, the original flavor is healthier and more delicious.
  4. No oil-splattering, non stick coating., less smoke and smell, 
  5. Make a cook quickly and no more stressed by sticky trash.
  6. Unique double-sided pressure cooking function, so that the operation process is more humanized, only flip it up, the food is natural and ripe.


  • With the silica seal ring and 4000 magnetic lock device.
  • The inner layer of the pot is made of diamond penetration technology, and the outer layer is made of sandblasting ceramic non sticky layer.
  • The heat conduction is more uniform and the cleaning is more convenient. It can also radiate infrared to make cooking faster and healthier.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Diameter: about 32cm/28cm
  • Total size: 32*32*8.4cm / 28*28*8.4cm

Four-hole Frying Pan


  1. Premium Material: The pan features the optimal material, which is featured by the non-stick coating, bakelite handle, and the pan is non-stick, abrasion-resistant and durable, and the pan features the beautiful and elegant wood grain texture, and the pan features the heat insulation and anti-scalding, comfortable grip.
  2. Fine Craft: The pan features the thick pot body design, which is featured by the large-capacity, thus making cooking easier. 
  3. Fine Design: The pan features the stainless steel anti-burning ring, which is also featured by the anti-scalding design, and the pan is heat-resistant.
  4. Practical to Use: The pan features the intelligent temperature control and the premium bottom, which is featured by the fine shape to achieve the even heat conduction, and the bottom of it is not sticky and it is practical for most stoves.
  5. Multiple Purpose: The pan can be used to make omelette, burger and the like, and the pan features 4 compartments to make cooking quick and easy.


  • Material: aluminum alloy + bakelite
  • Uses: fried eggs, burgers
  • Overall dimensions: total length 35.2 cm Single hole size: 9 cm in diameter Depth: 2.2 cm 
  • Application: induction cooker, gas stove, electric ceramic stove

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